ook what was offered. Farms and holdfasts grew scarcer and smaller as they pressed northward, ever deeper into thedarkness of the wolfswood, until finally there were no more roofs to shelter under, and they werethrown back on their own resources. Tyrion was never much use in making a camp or breaking one. Too VCP6-DCV it exam small, too hobbled, too in theway. So while Stark and Yoren and the other men erected rude shelters, tended the horses, and built afire, it became his custom to take his fur and a wineskin and go.off by himself to read. On the eighteenth night of their journey, the wine was a rare sweet amber from the Summer Islesthat he had brought all the way north from Casterly VMware Certification Rock, and the book a rumination on the historyand properties of dragons. With Lord Eddard Stark s permission, VCP6-DCV Tyrion had borrowed a few rarevolumes from the Winterfell library and packed them for the ride north. He found a comfortable spot just beyond the noise of the camp, beside a swift running stream withwaters clear and cold as ice. A grotesquely ancient oak provided shelter from the biting

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