but the focus of the road and rivers of the eyes of the people, in order to face, pig three to the mouth of the most authentic words to the last time to speak, but turned into a high-spirited rhetoric. "That is just the words of the pig heroes to say ... ...? After listening to some of the pig three to express, the empty master as he is really thunder to the people, they are concerned about the Microsoft Database it exam meaning of just that sentence. "Since it is to beat, my pig three early is his life and death out of the degree, but just up the urgency, forget the signature of life and death, but also hope that the master is now temporarily let go of my hand, with my signature painting finished, And then accept the challenge from the rivers and lakes of the martial art! Pig Wong three worthy of the old rivers and lakes, in a moment will be their timid to say that is so Microsoft Database high-sounding. Microsoft Certification "please°≠°≠" Pig Wong was forced to become the first person on the ring, the next person who will be ... ...Jin Yiwei of the unique rivers and lakes Article 212 Lu Yun "Well, finally wait until the first person to play, and did not expect since it is a big fat man, which erupted at the beginning will not lose face ... ..." See the waist do not have two long-handed kill pig knife pig three, standing in the ring, everyone's first impression was completely pig's three simple and honest appearance deceived. Pig Wong three good and bad is also an

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98-364 Microsoft Database Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Database