their words, they just understand and understand, and thus only firmly hold Liu Zhengyu s hand. King.Wang Hai Lei outside the temple to see. Liu Yu Chen cough soon, stood up. Take me to him and remember to stay alive. And so on. Heard this, Liu Siyan hurriedly said. How is the elder sister Wang Haili practice to reach Wusheng realm, long ago to see him dislike, I personally went to him. Liu Yu Chen light point forehead. Sister be careful, must stay alive. Liu Siyan smile, then MCP it exam out of the hall. Chapter 481 Careful King of Wisdom Liu Yu Chen close his eyes, a pair of well behaved look, everything seems to have been in his control. Outside the sound of sound fighting, but by virtue of Liu Siyan s practice, live practicing superb Wang Hailei is still easy. Less time, Liu Sisi s wings in the Wang Hailei s shoulders, into the hall, followed by the smell of fighting Microsoft Certification to hear the sound of Liu Yuanhui. Yu Chen brother, how to deal with this person Tied him up. Liu.Yu Chen cough said, then the two guards came to Wang Hailei tied to live. King, what happened Liu Yuanhui speech, eyes glanced over Liu Zhengyu a, suddenly remembered this person is the day seen in the streets of the people. Just caught a murderer. Liu Yu Chen gently smile. Wen MCP said, Wang Hai Lei heart meal, but still bite the bullet and said King, three days will be full of time, I just thank the adults life to take away Liu Qi. Good a thank Chen, ah, so can not wait, we

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