CISM it exam Finished, enchanting Jiaoqu has disappeared in the living room Finally.busy. In the county, a black Ferrari stopped at the door of the aesthetic company. Did not say anything, the black figure has entered the shop. According to a few elevator, toward the ice sister sister where the office went up. Ice sister did not have it up Looked at the empty office, Lin Dong smiled. Now only half pasture, but also ice sister may still be resting. Squeaky squeaky The door was opened, Lin s figure flashed in. Gently pull the door again. Walked toward the rest of the place, this look, so that Lin Dong almost almost runaway. Looking at the front of the scenery, only to feel dry mouth. At this time the ice, a skirt, vaguely can be Isaca Certification seen as between the same creamy skin, scattered head, loose in the white sheets on the blank. Beautiful face, with a Yingying white light scattered out. There are some crimson, as the spring snow, unusually moving. Another point is that even the ice sister at this time, Jiaoqu are curled up. Two white thighs, looks more beautiful meal. CISM Cocked hips, because just a skirt dress, but also can see the most inside of the scenery. Two curled up the figure, quietly into a deep sleep. Oh, really two people worry about the baby. Looked a little shaking Jiaoqu, and then look at the temperature of air conditioning., Lin sl

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CISM Certified Information Security Manager Isaca CISM