umbled and went down, and then he wasstanding over her, breathing hard, shaking. The dagger was still clutched tightly in his right hand,slick with blood. You weren t s posed to be here, he repeated stupidly. Catelyn saw the shadow slip through the open door behind him. There was a low rumble, less thana snarl, the merest whisper of a threat, but he must have heard something, because he started to turnjust as Amazon Certification the wolf made its leap. They went down together, half sprawled over Catelyn where she dfallen. The wolf had him under the jaw. The man s shriek lasted less than a second before the beastwrenched back its head, taking out half his Amazon it exam throa.t. Amazon His blood felt like warm rain as it sprayed across her face. The wolf was looking at her. Its jaws were red and wet and its eyes glowed golden in the darkroom. It was Bran s wolf, she realized. Of course it was. Thank you, Catelyn whispered, her voicefaint and tiny. She lifted her hand, trembling. The wolf padded closer, sniffed at her fingers, thenlicked at the blood with a wet rough tongue. When it had cleaned all the blood off her hand, it turnedaway silently and jumped up on Bran s bed and lay dow

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